A Reminder to Look. Both. Ways.

Published on:
November 2, 2023
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Subject: Investigation into cold-case, "Operation: Look Both Ways"

Addtl: Recent Unauthorized Leaks of "The Crossing Guard Tapes"

Due to recent unauthorized public leaks, the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Safety Vest Task Force is urgently reopening a 40-year-old cold-case, known internally as "Operation Look Both Ways." This cold-case, dating back to the 1980s, pertains to peculiar and dangerous activities connected with an individual named Mike Limbo and a clandestine organization identified as the "Order of the Crossing Guards."

Limbo, initially an unassuming citizen, assumed a seemingly innocuous role as a school crossing guard before being pulled into a mysterious war involving the "Order of the Realm." The narrative surrounding Limbo suggests his involvement in a conflict of potentially supernatural proportions, posing a serious threat to national security. His current status, including his whereabouts and whether he's still alive, remain unknown.

Recent investigations have brought to light a series of unauthorized leaks involving copies of Limbo's personal audio journals recorded on previously used BASF Chromdioxid II tapes. These tapes, dubbed "The Crossing Guard Tapes," are being disseminated to the public via an unauthorized podcast and provide potentially dangerous insight into the mysterious events under scrutiny in "Operation Look Both Ways."

Given the period in which these tapes were recorded, and the recent unauthorized leaks, one Jim Waters has emerged as a person of interest. Waters, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, has extensive experience in music and sound production across a variety of multimedia projects. His potential involvement with the unauthorized podcast leaks, as well as the extent of his knowledge about Mike Limbo and the "Order of the Crossing Guards," is currently under investigation. Waters' refusal to respond to our inquiries, coupled with the chronology of the tapes, have led us to consider the possibility that Waters may, in fact, be Mike Limbo.

We urge all Bureau personnel and, through secure channels, the general public, to remain vigilant and report any information on Mike Limbo, the unauthorized podcast leaks, or the identity of the individuals involved in the distribution of "The Crossing Guard Tapes" podcast. If anyone has direct contact with Jim Waters, we implore you to reach out to him and urge his cooperation with the FBI.

These unauthorized leaks could potentially jeopardize our ongoing investigation and, more broadly, national security. Listening to these tapes may expose individuals to undisclosed risks connected to the hidden activities currently under investigation.

Stay vigilant,

S.A.C. Simon Simons
Safety Vest Task Force Command

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